VERTIV LIEBERT ItON 2000VA UPS Line-Interactive 1200 W 6 AC outlet(s)


Vertiv Liebert

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Liebert itON is a reliable line-interactive UPS designed for the protection of desktop computers and standalone IT equipment. With its compact design and easy to use controls, it provides sufficient back-up time in order to save work in progress and gracefully initiate system shutdowns.

UPS topology: Line-Interactive
Output power capacity: 2000 VA
Output power:1200 W
Waveform: Stepwise
Input operation voltage (min): 170 V
Input operation voltage (max): 280 V
Input frequency: 50/60 Hz
Output frequency: 50/60 Hz
Response time: 6 ms
Number of input phases: 1
Number of output phases: 1
Power factor: 0.6
Output power factor: 0.6

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